Dog grooming isn’t only about brushing and cleaning…

Your disease prevention program wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the importance of regular grooming.  The basic quality of your dog’s skin and coat is determined by many factors, but some such as genetics and climate are beyond your control.   However, nutritional effects, the presence or absence of parasites, and regular attention to grooming are very… [Continue Reading]

fat dog getting groomed

Choosing a Veterinarian – Vetting Your Vet

While The Dog Health Adviser’s focus is on dog disease prevention and minimizing trips to the vet, it’s simply not possible to avoid the veterinary clinic forever, so one of the most important health related decisions you will make for your dog will be the choice of a vet.  Even if your veterinary visits are… [Continue Reading]

lady veterinarian with family

Brushing and cleaning your dog’s teeth…

One of the most important weapons in your dog disease prevention arsenal should be serious attention to your dog’s dental health.  Cleaning your dogs’ teeth is as important as brushing your own teeth. We’re gradually expanding our knowledge of the importance of good dental hygiene as the key to the prevention of several chronic disease… [Continue Reading]

dog dental health brushing teeth

Dog Nutrition is the #1 Priority for Your Dog’s Health

Would anyone argue with the statement Proper Nutrition Is The Foundation Of Health?  Surely everyone has heard that message by now.  Yet obesity rates continue to rise, and diseases, such as diabetes and many cancers with well-documented associations to improper dietary habits, are reaching epidemic proportions.  Also interesting to note is that as these diseases… [Continue Reading]

healthy dogs need good dog nutrition

Exercise Your Dog – The benefits to your dog’s health are tremendous

The fourth item on your dog disease prevention list should be frequent and vigorous exercise for your canine pal.  The physical health benefits from regularly exercising your dog may be obvious to you, but it’s important to be aware of the mental health benefits as well.  While it’s possible to overdo some of our recommended… [Continue Reading]

dog health relies on exercise

The Secret to a Healthy Dog – An Ounce of Prevention…

The Dog Health Adviser believes there actually is one simple secret to your dog’s health and well-being. Okay, it’s not actually a secret, but more the result of ignoring the voices of common sense and intuition in favor of complex and often conflicting scientific information.  Research literature is filled with studies designed to provide more… [Continue Reading]

dog exercise responsible dog owners

Puppies are so much fun (and so funny)!

This is so FUN! I had to share this video with you…puppies are such a joy and a source of ongoing laughter and entertainment. This little pup is having fun with the mirror. Play and exercise for your healthy puppy will ensure that you have many years with your furry family members…

five cute golden retriever puppies