About The Dog Health Adviser

The Dog Health Adviser believes not all dog owners are willing or able to bear the cost of heroic and expensive treatments and procedures available through modern veterinary medicine. This site is devoted to the belief that the best approach to dog health is through personal responsibility and disease prevention. We offer commonsense and practical advice to minimize your trips to the vet, and maximize your dog’s health and well-being, which leads to a happier life for you AND your dog.

About Dr. Dale Howard…

Every vet gets the same curious question on a regular basis:  “How did you decide to be a veterinarian?”  Some would answer that a love of animals influenced their decision. In my case it was simply a natural evolution.

Animals were always a part of my life.  Growing up on a small farm in the mid-west, we got to know the local vet from occasional visits when one of the livestock had a problem that dad couldn’t handle. When I was in high school “Doc” asked if I would like to work at his animal hospital in town.  My job was to arrive at six am every day, clean dog kennels for a couple of hours before school, then come back for a few more hours of janitorial duties after school.

university-of-missouri-logoDuring the next couple of years I gradually evolved into an unofficial veterinary assistant which led to the university, and seven years later I became a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the University of Missouri.

army veterinarian

Over the years, my career path has included a stint in the US Army Veterinary Corps, many years as a small animal practice owner, a graduate degree in Epidemiology, and several more years of service in veterinary public health.

Veterinary medicine has been good to me. I’d like the opportunity to return the good, and perhaps help others with a more thoughtful approach to pet health through The Dog Health Adviser.