Exercise Your Dog – The benefits to your dog’s health are tremendous

dog exerciseThe fourth item on your dog disease prevention list should be frequent and vigorous exercise for your canine pal.  The physical health benefits from regularly exercising your dog may be obvious to you, but it’s important to be aware of the mental health benefits as well.  While it’s possible to overdo some of our recommended healthful habits, it’s almost impossible to give your dog too much exercise.  How frequent?  How vigorous?  The ideal for most adult dogs would be at least 30 minutes of running exercise twice a day.  If that doesn’t fit your schedule follow this link for more suggestions…..

It’s difficult to generalize exercise recommendations because so much depends on your dog’s age, breed, and temperament.  But it is critical to emphasize the importance of regular and vigorous exercise.  So many dogs have to spend their days alone while the rest of the household is earning a living, that the opportunity for playful exercise becomes essential for the mental health of both you and your dog.  Often, dogs left alone for long periods resort to unwanted chewing, digging, and nervous hyperactivity.  The right kind of exercise activity should help to minimize those unacceptable behaviors.

Common sense tells us that younger, larger dogs will need more exercise than older, smaller ones.  Working breeds such as retrievers and pointers will get more benefit from off leash freedom to fetch and swim, while toy breeds should be happy with a good trotting jog or a vigorous walk.  If vigorous, daily exercise just doesn’t fit your schedule, and money is no object, there are commercially available treadmills and exercise wheels which might be the answer for some.

The Dog Health Adviser believes that the best exercise environment for young, healthy adult dogs is one that encourages playful, outdoor interaction with other healthy, friendly dogs.  In fact, after proper diet, playful interaction with other dogs may be the most important healthy behavior habit you could develop.

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